Passages Malibu Offers Premiere Holistic California Drug Rehab

Passages Malibu is an exclusive luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center by the beach in Southern California. Drug rehab at Passages Malibu uses the best holistic treatment options possible for an all-natural recovery, as evidenced by our accreditation by the Joint Commission (only 6% of all rehab centers in the country have received such distinguishment). Forbes Magazine has called Passages Malibu “most luxurious” and Healthcare Global recognizes us as the top rehab clinic in the world.

Passages Malibu combines various forms of psychotherapy and counseling with a litany of evidence-based holistic modules to heal clients in mind, body and spirit. A full treatment team of counselors, therapists, physicians, medical doctors and nurses, personal trainers and more will engage the client with weekly one-on-one therapy sessions as part of a customized Treatment Program designed to help clients better understand why they are using drugs and alcohol . . . and how to stop.

Unlike most California drug rehab centers, Passages Malibu is a non-12-step program. There is also an emphasis on one-on-one therapy sessions over group therapy, which is kept to an absolute minimum. Clients detox in their own private suit overlooking the Pacific Ocean with around-the-clock medical treatment and counseling, then begin the customized Treatment Program.

Please call (888) 920-8849 to learn more about Passages Malibu and all of its deluxe amenities and services.

Chris and Pax Prentiss Co-Founders of Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss is the CEO and Co-Founder of Passages Malibu, the leading California drug rehab center with an international reputation of success dating back to 2001. Chris Prentiss is Pax’s father and the second half of Passages Malibu. The father and son team are continuously humbled and privileged to have helped thousands of clients rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction using Passages Malibu.

Chris and Pax established Passages Malibu as a response to the outdated methodologies of 12-step treatment centers and other similar programs which did not work for Pax when he needed help most. When Pax was addicted to alcohol, cocaine and heroin, every California drug rehab center he went to told him that his addiction was a disease.

Passages Malibu knows that addiction is not permanent when clients receive the right help. Chris and Pax set out to create a luxury rehab center that seeks to get to the underlying cause of the addiction instead of merely treating the physical dependency. Once the underlying cause has been identified and removed, the urge to use drugs and alcohol ceases.

Pax went from being completely miserable and in constant jeopardy to a proud father and a family man. He and his father both know that Passages Malibu has the deluxe facilities and dedicated expertise needed to resolve any drug and alcohol addiction. To learn more about how Passages Malibu can end a drug and alcohol addiction for you or someone you love, please call (888) 920-8849.