Passages Malibu Philosophy

Healing the mind, body and spirit forms the core values of Passages Malibu’s philosophy. A drug and alcohol addiction cannot be fully resolved until all three areas are properly aligned. Fortunately, Passages Malibu can develop a treatment program using many different holistic options.

Passages Malibu is a non-12 step program with a unique holistic philosophy that’s meant to empower the individual and encourage them to develop healthy lives through meaningful routines. Passages does not view addiction as a disease. Each client is viewed foremost as a human being and never are they referred to as an “addict”.

At Passages Malibu, a team of addiction specialists create a customized treatment program for each client with their specific needs in mind. This program utilizes a combination of leading psychotherapy and counseling techniques with many different scientifically proven holistic modalities. If you want to heal from a drug and alcohol addiction in an all-natural way, Passages Malibu is the right place for you.

Contact our Admissions Department at (888) 920-8849 to learn more about the holistic treatment options offered at Passages Malibu.


The Four Underlying Causes of Addiction

An addiction to drugs and alcohol can end in many different ways, but the beginning is always very similar. There are four main reasons for developing a drug and alcohol addiction. Being able to recognize and identify them is the first step towards successfully removing addiction from your life.

The four underlying causes of addiction are . . .


Get Help Using the Passages Rehab Philosophy

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol can be a difficult way to live, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact our Admissions Department at (888) 920-8849 to learn how Passages Malibu can help get to the bottom of your addiction to drugs and alcohol.