How to Choose a Luxury California Drug Rehab Center

If you or someone you love is struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, you want to choose the absolute best luxury California drug rehab center to help. Picking the best California drug rehab center can be difficult, however, when they all claim to be superior in design and execution. Passages Malibu knows this decision can be difficult, so here is how to narrow down your decisions and pick the best luxury California drug rehab center for you or your loved one.


Perhaps the most important aspect of a California drug rehab clinic is its method and philosophy. Basically, a treatment program is either 12-step or non-12-step. If it is a 12-step program (or however many steps), then the staff views people as patients with an disease who are helpless to empower themselves. They must surrender themselves to a higher power and complete a series of steps in sequential order or succumb to failure.

In a non-12-step program, the staff sees people as individuals separate from their addiction. That is to say, addiction is but a small aspect of a greater overall personality lurking within. Most importantly, addiction is not viewed as a disease, nor is it ever considered permanent. People are not referred to as patients and are given the responsibility of finding their own life purpose however they see fit.


Luxury California drug rehab centers have modern amenities such as gourmet meals, private detox suites, advanced massage and other spa techniques, fitness facilities (with a trainer), yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and an especially beautiful location to inspire motivation and foster extra encouragement.

Passages Malibu, for example, has a 10-acre campus complete with a full spa, sports courts, pools, gym and fitness center, 24-hour wellness center, gourmet meals, and various activities with personal trainers.

If you want to see if a California drug rehab center is right for you, ask the representative what the patient-to-staff ratio is on average and what amenities they offer. The ratio should be low, and the amenities should include everything mentioned above. This will help you gauge exactly how luxurious each potential rehab center truly is.

Treatment Program

12-step programs and other similar models offer a generic approach for everyone who needs help. There is little room for compromise and failure on your own is actually expected. Negative mantras like “once an addict, always an addict” are the norm.

Non-12-step programs like Passages Malibu offers a customizable Treatment Program with each client’s specific needs in mind. Negative mantras are nowhere to be found and clients are expected to succeed on their own during treatment so that they can succeed on their own in real life.


Passages Malibu: The Most Luxurious California Drug Rehab Facility Available

Passages Malibu has received acclaim from Forbes Magazine and HealthCare Global, and is among 6% of drug rehabilitation centers to have been accredited by the Joint Commission for its excellent facilities and quality client care. To learn more about why Passages Malibu is the best luxury California rehab center for you or someone you love with a drug and alcohol addiction, please call (888) 920-8849.